Available from March 2024
A creative studio

Making clever things for passionate people.

Gubbins creates unique design solutions for small businesses, freelancers and hobbyists.

About gubbins

A creative studio with a head and a heart.

Gubbins provides consultancy, resources, and training to people who want to create something that improve their lives in a meaningful way.

Learning new skills and building great things is a joy, and I want to bring that feeling to as many people as I can.

Whether it’s at home or at work, small changes can have astounding impact. With many tiny nudges, Gubbins will make the world a better place.

I love to create digital products.

With more than eight years of experience working as a product designer, you can rely on me to design and build whatever you need on a screen.

I've recently enjoyed working on:

I also make physical things.

Looking to build something you can hold in your hands? Whether it's a passion project or a facelift for your business, I can help you with that.

In the past I've loved working on:

  • Murals, signs, and custom artwork

  • Shirts, stickers, keyrings, all that good stuff

  • Unique makes (like these lovely Webflow earrings)

The mission

Why does Gubbins exist?

Solve good problems

Design with purpose is just decoration. Gubbins wants to make clever solutions to real problems.

Create nice things

In a world full of content and clickbait, Gubbins wants to share ideas that stand out.

Make people smile

Gubbins wants to inspire others and sprinkle some joy into life. Because if it's not fun, why bother?

About me

Hey! My name is Amy Rogers.

I started Gubbins in July 2022 after a month-long sabbatical. During that time I made loads of cool things, and I knew I wanted to do more of it when I came back to work.

I've got more than eight years experience working with people in tech. I've worked as a designer, developer, user researcher, illustrator, operations expert, and a no-code technologist. Definitely a Jill of all trades.

So Gubbins is here to help you make awesome, impactful stuff.

Ready to make something magic?