Available from March 2024
Clear and confident support from a certified Notion expert.
What is Notion?

Your wiki, docs, & projects. Together.

Notion is the connected workspace where better, faster work happens. Millions of people use Notion every day, to keep their knowledge in one place.

As one of Notion's certified Partners, Gubbins provides a level of expertise you can trust.


One-off Notion support.


Save time and effort with reusable templates. I can also help create icons and assets to customise your Notion workspace.

Workspace audits

Make the most of your Notion setup. I can tidy up your existing workspace and give you pointers for how to keep it running smoothly.


Need something more complicated? I'm adept at building systems and processes that connect Notion to any other tools you love using.

fractional support

A Notion guru at your side.

Feel like your team is missing a Notion expert? For a fixed monthly cost you'll have access to my support for your smaller Notion needs. I've opened this option up for small/medium businesses who need quick and simple support options.

I can help you with:

  • Small workspace optimisations and bug fixes

  • Support calls with your team members

  • Fast responses to your Notion-related questions

about me

Hello! I'm Amy Rogers.

I've been using Notion since 2018 for both professional and personal projects. In 2023 I became a Notion Partner, giving you confidence that you'll be working with someone who knows their stuff! I'm also a Notion Ambassador, running events with the Notion London community.

I love working with small businesses and freelancers, or anyone using Notion for their passion projects. I'm particularly good with databases and simplifying complicated Notion workspaces.

Ready to make something magic?