Available from March 2024
About me

Hello friend!

I've spent so much of my life making things. From handmade gifts for birthdays to commissions for clients. I just love creating stuff!

My work as a product designer has kept me busy for years, but it never quite scratched the itch to make. I started Gubbins so I could share my creativity with anyone who might find it inspiring, or even want to collaborate.

So welcome to my little corner of the world. A studio for working on all the fun jobs that are hard to describe to people. A space for exploration and trying new things.

Two truths and a lie.

I have a tattoo of a snail on my right calf.
I used to work part-time at my university's library.
I've played more than 500 hours of Animal Crossing.

So why Gubbins?

Gubbins is a British slang word. It means assorted stuff, a vague collection of things, bits and bobs.

I use the word gubbins often to describe... well, anything. It's a nice comfortable word. It's good at conveying what I mean, even if it's vague and sounds a bit silly.

To me, Gubbins is a space where people can find a trusted expert for a wide range of niche problems. I want to help bring confidence and happiness to as many projects as I can!

Let's work together.

Gubbins works with people of all shapes and sizes. I'd particularly love to talk to you if:

  • You're a small business or solo worker

  • You love what you're working on

  • You can't find anyone to help because your problem is too niche

Feel free to reach out if you think we could be a good fit!